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NRS 398.456 Submission of application by person who holds registration or licensure in another state. NRS 398.452 Submission of application for registration to Secretary of State; application is public record; required contents and disclosures of application.

Labor and Employment, this index Schools, safety and security act, 72-89b01 et seq. & F., definitions, 84-2-320Fungible goods, Implied warranties, 84-2-314Merchantability, 84-2-314Undivided share, 84-2-105Future goods, insurable interest, time of acquisition, 84-2-501Future performance, assurance, 84-2-609Future sales, identification of goods, 84-2-501Gifts, extension of seller's warranties, 84-2-318Good faith, Rejected goods, duties of buyer, 84-2-603Specification for performance, 84-2-311Good faith purchaser, voidable title, 84-2-403Governmental regulations, Delay in delivery, 84-2-615Failure of payment due to, 84-2-614Growing crops, 84-2-107Guest in home, seller's warranty extending to, 84-2-318Hazardous household articles, 65-2701Heat franchises, 12-2001 et seq. Hotels, guests' property for charges due, 36-203 et seq. contracts, payment, 84-2-321No arrival, no sale, Casualty, identified goods, 84-2-613Conforming goods, 84-2-324Nonacceptance, damages, 84-2-708, 84-2-709Nonconforming goods, Acceptance, 84-2-206Effect, 84-2-607Damages, 84-2-714Identification, rights of buyer, 84-2-501Installment contracts, 84-2-612Payment before inspection, 84-2-512Rejection, 84-2-508Revocation of acceptance, 84-2-608Risk of loss, 84-2-510Nonconforming tender, Cure, 84-2-508Risk of loss, 84-2-510Nondelivery, damages, 84-2-713Notice, Allocation of performance, 84-2-616Buyer's rights in realty, 84-2-107Delay in performance, 84-2-616Rejection, 84-2-602Stopped delivery, 84-2-705Tender of delivery, 84-2-503Objections, waiver of buyer's objections to defects, 84-2-605Obligations, 84-2-301Exclusive dealing, 84-2-306Offers, 84-2-206Additional terms, acceptance, 84-2-207Revocation, 84-2-205Seal, 84-2-203Oil and Gas, this index Open price term, 84-2-204Contracts, cure, 84-2-305Operation of law, rejection, revesting of title in seller, 84-2-401Opinions, Express warranties, creation, 84-2-313Warranty, 84-2-313Option, Assortment of goods, 84-2-311Performance, 84-2-311Oral agreements, contract for sale, 84-2-202Orders of sale, 60-2401 et seq. See, also, subhead Sales tax under Municipalities, this index Services rendered outside city limits, 12-187a Situs of transactions, 12-191Clubs, Dues for recreational or entertainment facilities, 79-3603Meals and drinks, tax, 79-3603Participation in sports and recreation, 79-3603Sale of liquor, 79-41a01 et seq.

NRS 398.464 Renewal of registration; period for which initial certificate and renewal are valid.

NRS 398.460 Issuance of certificate of registration; grounds for denial by Secretary of State.

Minor code may provide more information (Wrong principal in request) TThreaded Server: TServer Transport died on accept: SASL(-13): authentication failure: GSSAPI Failure: gss_accept_sec_context Failed to extend Kerberos ticket.

Error: Shell cmd: 'kinit -R' exited with an error: ''. Failure count: 1 SASL message (Kerberos (internal)): GSSAPI Error: Unspecified GSS failure.

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