Sqldatasource updating

You will see in that method that it uses the Take() and Skip() LINQ operators to chunk the data based on the page size that we passed in.

The good thing about these operators is that it allows you to skip a certain number of rows and only take a limited number of rows from that point.

To be accessible as a data source, a class must expose a method or property that returns an .

The HTML mark-up above consists of a Grid View and Repeater data representation controls.

The Grid View is where we display the list of customer information from the database. Keep in mind that in this example I used as my database that you can download that from here and I used Entity Framework so that I can work on the conceptual model.

I will not elaborate more about the details on how to pull data from a database using EF.

If you are new to Entity Framework then you can have a look at my previous article that outlined the details of EF: The Get Customer Entity() method is where we queried the data from the database using the LINQ syntax. The Bind Customer List Grid() is the method in which we bind the data to the Grid View.

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