If two blind people dating

But Jolliff leaves out one detail that is part of her daily life: She’s blind.

“When you look at Tinder or or any of the apps that are available, there’s no description of the person.

but the other, and possibly most surprising of all, is the one that goes: "How do you fancy someone if you can't see them? Voices are powerful organs that convey humour, quirkiness, intelligence, sweetness and attitude.

" To answer the question simply and directly, blind people will tell you that it's the voice, brain and personality which initially catch the eye, or in this case, ear. Your voice is the mouthpiece for the brain, it communicates your personality very effectively.

If they fight, and are blind, how will they know they are blind.

So I will shout:“I declare the one with the knife the winner”This will scare both when they realize they aren’t holding it, can’t visually confirm it, and will most likely break up the fighting.

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