Dating swr amplifiers

The AWM-30 will accurately indicate peaks with any tuning pulser, CW or FM carrier, or voice signal.

The TOF system will ensure proper grid current to prevent amplifier saturation or flat topping, and minimize splatter.

by SWR in Musical Instruments \ Bass Amplifiers Crushing volume, 2 killer effects, and pure SWR tone.

The information below is not completely comprehensive, nor does it take into account the major full line aesthetic upgrades that occurred as follows: 1996 - Pro Series speaker grills upgraded from triangular bronze to square punch black/silver.

1999 - Pro Series amplifiers aesthetic revision (black front panels to chrome front panels).

Marcus says it's "The missing link between your bass and a great...

by SWR in Musical Instruments \ Bass Amplifiers High-fidelity, crystal-clear, accurate tone that's always true to your instrument.

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