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The Birthday Gift was a 'Game' - A Unique Life Experience That Was Life-Threatening, Turned Elite Wealthy Investment Banker Nicholas Van Orton's World Upside-Down; It Was a Gift Given By His Younger Brother Conrad, To Make Nicholas' Life More Intriguing and to Prevent Him From Repeating His Father's Suicidal Fate Nickie was a wealthy, cold-hearted, analytical, privileged and soulless, workaholic, "control-freak" San Francisco investment banker executive, divorced from his wife Elizabeth (Anna Katarina) who was living in Sausalito with her new doctor husband. You know, we're like an experiential book-of-the-month club.

In , newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton travel from Boston to North Carolina in order to start a timber empire.

Before he died, Judd’s father requested that his sons and daughters spend seven days together after the funeral, so that’s what happens.

Of course, insanity ensues because what’s not to love about a dysfunctional family? Starring: Reese Witherspoon Release date: 2014 Based on a memoir, this film is about a young woman who loses everything: her mother, family, and marriage. Nature is both Cheryl’s nemesis and healer: she faces rattlesnakes, bears, snow and heat on this journey that revives her shattered spirit. Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Release date: 2014 At this point, Jennifer and Bradley just need to get married, right?

" He promised his brother: Van Orton promised that he would contact CRS, though added: "I hate surprises." He ventured to the 14th floor of the high-rise building on Montgomery Street in SF, to enter CRS' secretive offices, where he was greeted by Jim Feingold (James Rebhorn), VP of Engineering and Data Analysis. He didn't know that he had already started to play the increasingly-elaborate "game." When he drove to his SF home-mansion (actually Filoli in Woodside, CA) that night, Van Orton discovered a life-sized wooden harlequin clown or doll lying in his driveway (in the same position his father had died).

He was told he had contracted for an intriguing game - "Specifically tailored for each participant. At the end of its long cloth tongue was a key marked CRS.

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