Advice for dating a single mother dating a muslim woman

but dating when you have FOUR kids is like the Mt Everest of the dating world!It seems almost impossible for men to see past that.

If you are a mother and you are collecting child support, you are not a single mother. The rest of us who have to LIVE with your fucked up, emotionally scarred children will PAY you to have a fucking abortion. Second, single mothers are clearly really, really shitty at making life decisions. You both put each other’s happiness above your own. Now divorced mothers, who are a breed of single mothers, MIGHT be a little different, but whenever you approach one, sing this little song in your head: it takes two to tango. Even if it’s TRUE that the husband was a colossal fuck-up, you need to ask yourself what kind of imperceptive moron couldn’t spot that?

I was married for ten years, have four beautiful boys under 9 and have a very fulfilling and successful career.

My life is happy, but I really would love to share it with someone…

After a while many of them result to creation of strong and happy families.

Hope to meet the real single girl or man for marriage?

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