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around (and are wondering if he and Monique will ever get together), but I think these somewhat experimental strips allow the cartoonist to take a break, relax, and decide what to do next.

And as far as I'm concerned, as long as Ishida continues to churn out these little gems, he can do whataver he wants.

The "main" story focusing on the misadventures of Slick, Monique, and their friends is usually very adult in tone, but is frequently interrupted with more family-friendly strips dealing with (what I believe to be) the cartoonist's cat and dog attempting to amuse themselves, calligraphy lessons, Mad Libs, and other random bits.

This can be somewhat annoying for people who would prefer to follow Slick & Co.

The comic had always made fun about macho-behaviour (for example in that very ironic strip about the "Matriarchy" that's quoted here).

It is true, that sinfest has lost some of it's self-irony and is sometimes a bit plane and shallow lately.

I particularlly loved when I really love this comic. There’s more characterization of women in this one strip than Sinfest has had in the last two or three years combined. I’ve read and commented on Sinfest for years, and I can’t remember another instance of two female characters having even this level of disagreement with each other like Becky and Katie do here (also, given how infamously terrible Sinfest is at naming characters, Becky got name-dropped right away, and Lilith and Katie even got their names re-iterated in case you forgot! And not only does this gag-a-day comic actually have a gag, it’s one that both deepens Kate as a character by revealing her srs personality is a bit of an act, while providing some plot detail in that Katie apparently doesn’t have a problem with Lucifer at this point in the timeline.A great webcartoonist once told me that the way to survive on the Internet is to build a cult of personality around yourself.Ishida's artwork is great and his characters (even God and the Devil) are all unique, funny, and easily relatable.I particularlly loved when one of the characters asked God why he created a world full of pain and suffering, to which the Almighty responds "Because it wasn't THERE."As a webcomic, there isn't really a central story, it's more like the comics you will find in the average newspaper (though I doubt any paper would have the balls to print something as risque' as this), but there are several groups of characters that we follow around.

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